Wednesday, March 16

Parole Hearing

I just got back from Rhode Island from a parole hearing with a Girlthrive girl.  She was magnificent and I learned a lot. I learned that in the State of Rhode Island at a parole hearing for a sexual offender you are not limited in what you say. Many times in court before the abuser is locked up, you could be terrified, but now a couple of years later you have more courage, perhaps therapy and you can say what ever you want. Our girl let the parole board what a monster her abuser was. And they told her she was brave and strong and wonderful. THEY DENIED HIS PAROLE.!! Do any of you have experiences to share about court or parole or reporting your abuser? We would love to hear your experiences with this. xxx dr. p


WindingRoadBook said...

When I took my daughter to the police to report that her brother had sexually abused her, they questioned her on what she was wearing at the time (like that even matters!) and then discredited her because of her disability. I was told that it would be his word against hers and unless he confessed their hands were tied because she would not be a reliable witness in court. Luckily he did confess the first time, but once he was accused again the legal system dismissed the case. We did not succeed in a court of law, but my daughter did an excellent job telling her story to her lawyer, therapist and to CPS. I am in awe of her courage!

Anonymous said...

I got to be really lucky I did not actually have to see him because I was 9 when it happened and I was having nightmares every-night, and was scared to leave the house even to go to school they didn't make me see him in court me and my dad and my lawyers were in a different room while court was going on we could only see the judge but everyone in the court could see us now that I think about it I wish I was able to actually be in the courtroom to see his face with him knowing that we reported him.

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