Wednesday, June 24

What Would You Like To Talk About??

It is time for you wonderful gals to give me some ideas on subjects you would like to talk about. Please send ideas for what we should blog about next. I am excited to hear from you! xo dr. p

Thursday, June 4

You Couldn't Stop Him

So many girls write to me and tell me that they feel 'stupid' or 'weak' that they did not stop their abusers. They look back and they think they could have stopped their brother, father, date.... but it is clear that there are reasons that girls do not stop their abusers- I begin "Invisible Girls: The Truth About Sexual Abuse " talking about just this. Here are some of the points I make in the book. :

Why didn't you stop him- you lived under his roof, you were living in a web of fear and confusion, you were young, you didn't have good options, or a strong support system- Why didn't you stop him- We live in a culture where boys will be boys- a culture that pushes the sexist belief that young girls are ready for sex when their bodies start to develop, where a male dominated government decides the laws about rape and incest, pornography, child and spousal abuse and abortion - You didn't stop him because you couldn't.

I want you girls to try to begin to forgive yourselves. It is clear to me, that you were trapped and abused and you did not see the way out. If you have found a way out now, applaud yourselves! If you are finding a way out- reach out to us- we understand. xoxo dr. patti

About "Invisible Girls"

United States
"Invisible Girls" tells the truth about sexual abuse as no other book has! Rather than me telling you how the book is touching girls around the world, I will tell you what they are saying! Now in 2009 we have our new and revised edition of "Invisible Girls" - we have added 100 pages, a chapter about prostituion as sex abuse, a chapter filled with emails recieved over the past 5 years- Please check out our 2nd edition! xo dr. p "Invisible Girls has saved my life. I was afraid that I was the only girl keeping these secrets, and when I read "Invisible Girls" I starting telling about my abuse, and suddenly I knew I could be alright"- Sue 18 years old "Invisible Girls" is short of a miracle- I read it whenever I feel alone. It helps me to deal and grow and go on."- Tamar 17 years old "Until I read "Invisible Girls" I was afraid to tell what happened to me. Now my mum is supportive and I know I can heal" Britney 14 years old