Saturday, February 12

Girlthrive Tee's

Girlthrive Inc. is partnering with a wonderful young fashion designer from Philadelphia to make our Girlthrive Tee's! Reese Juel has agreed to volunteer her time and energy to design our tee's!  These Tee's will be given to all scholarship girls, all donors, and sold on the site.

So far Nicki and I have come up with I AM A GIRLTHRIVE GIRL! and I HELPED A GIRL THRIVE!

So unleash your creative energy and send us your ideas! Blog us your ideas and let us know your age too! xo dr. p


Anonymous said...

I am a girlthrive girl and i'm not only surviving but thriving!

Anonymous said...

1) Help a girl, Help Girlthrive
2) A girl thrives with Girlthrive
3) Reach out to girls with Girlthrive

Sarah said...

Wipe off the dust,
hold your head high,
never give up,

26 years old.

Angela said...

i'm 18.

I'm a Survivor, a Thriver, and I'm never giving up. GIRLTHRIVE!

Dr Patti said...

I am loving the idea of the ages being on the shirts! I will have the prototypes to post from Reese very soon! Please keep them coming!! xxx

Erika said...

I THRIVE with Girlthrive.

GIRLTHRIVE: Where girls begin to Thrive

GIRLTHRIVE: Ask me how I thrive!

Striving to Thrive with Girlthrive!

What about using the Girlthrive logo thing. Where Girlthrive is vertical and words are with the letters...

Angel said...

this is a neat idea! can't wait to see the shirts!

Live to Love Yourself with GirlThrive!

I helped a Girl, You can too with GIRLTHRIVE.

Angela said...

When do you think they'll be done and able to buy? haha, just wondering (:
I love this idea.

Veronica said...

I love this idea! I can't wait to wear one of these shirts!

G said...

1. I'm not just surviving, I'm girlthriving!

2. I'm girlthriving higher and higher!

3. I'm an achiever and a girlthriver!

Dr Patti said...

ahhhhhhh i am loving these! i will post some of reese juel's designs soon!! xx dr. p

sagemunky said...

Ask me how I thrive!

And then girlthrive on the back?

Or maybe Survivor in a computer type font, with a line through it. And then thriver written above it in cursive, like handwriting. Maybe with a lotus?
And then the website on the back or bottom of the shirt?


Rachelle Leigh said...

we stand togethers as surviors. Girlthrive :)

We've been through it all. Now it's our time to thrive!

It's now our turn to live, love & laugh. Girlthrive !

In Search of Hope said...

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