Wednesday, October 15

Time to Think About Women's Rights!

The summer has come and gone and we are here ready for a new election. I hope all of you are aware that Mc Cain and Sara Palin are against abortion. Palin is against abortion even in cases of rape and incest. This is amazing to me- what is more amazing is that women can call themselves feminists who believe this. !!!!! If you are old enough to vote I urge you to look at the facts about women's rights before you vote- The Obama ticket is for women's rights and Biden Obama's Vice Presidental running mate actually wrote and was instrumental in passing the Stop Violence Against Women bill to protect girls and women!! Here is what Joe Biden has to say about that bill:

"I consider the Violence Against Women Act the single most significant legislation that I’ve crafted during my 35-year tenure in the Senate. Indeed, the enactment of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 was the beginning of a historic commitment to women and children victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault. Our nation has been rewarded for this commitment. Since the Act’s passage in 1994, domestic violence has dropped by almost 50%, incidents of rape are down by 60%, and the number of women killed by an abusive husband or boyfriend is down by 22%. Today, more than half of all rape victims are stepping forward to report the crime. And since we passed the Act in 1994 over a million women have found justice in our courtrooms and obtained domestic violence protective orders." – Senator Joe Biden

What are your thoughts on this election? My biggest political concern has always been women's rights- Love xo Dr. Patti

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