Wednesday, December 28

Long Time No Post!

Wow I did not realize that it has been so long since I posted. I receive posts from you all for our different posts so I know that you are reading. It is update time. Nicki is putting together wonderful Girlthrive packages for all our members, with our T- Shirts, Mary Fahey Krause my most active Board Member is making beautiful scented candles, and Nicki is making bracelets. So expect your healing thriving packages this April being Sex Abuse Awareness month! I applied for a grant specifically for  for Girlthrive Scholarships and WE GOT IT!! So put your thinking caps on and think about ways to heal, ways to expand, ways to be creative and think about applying for a Girlthrive Scholarship. Some of the Scholarships recently have been for a guitar, a netbook, funds toward a flight to a dear friend, vet bills for doggies, manicures and pedicures, funds for nursing books.   We have some extra funds now, so please feel free to apply! Just email me at  xoxox dr. p

About "Invisible Girls"

United States
"Invisible Girls" tells the truth about sexual abuse as no other book has! Rather than me telling you how the book is touching girls around the world, I will tell you what they are saying! Now in 2009 we have our new and revised edition of "Invisible Girls" - we have added 100 pages, a chapter about prostituion as sex abuse, a chapter filled with emails recieved over the past 5 years- Please check out our 2nd edition! xo dr. p "Invisible Girls has saved my life. I was afraid that I was the only girl keeping these secrets, and when I read "Invisible Girls" I starting telling about my abuse, and suddenly I knew I could be alright"- Sue 18 years old "Invisible Girls" is short of a miracle- I read it whenever I feel alone. It helps me to deal and grow and go on."- Tamar 17 years old "Until I read "Invisible Girls" I was afraid to tell what happened to me. Now my mum is supportive and I know I can heal" Britney 14 years old