Friday, June 27

The Court Ruling No Death Penalty For Rapists of Children

Not sure if you are all aware that there was a court ruling this week that rapists will not face the death penalty. This ruling is basically for men who rape children. At first I was upset, but very quickly I began to think about the survivors. It would be a terrible responsibility for a child to know they were responsible for someones death. I also believe that it would make it much harder in incest cases in particular. What child really wants to be responsible for their father, or uncle dying? Also who knows if the child would always be blamed by other family members. So I concluded that it makes sense for the survivor not to have the death penalty for the rapist. It is hard enough for so many survivors when their abuser is convicted and locked up. Often she/he is blamed for the abuser being locked up, and that is bad enough, can you imagine being responsible for the death of a father?..... Your thoughts........ xo dr. p

About "Invisible Girls"

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